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Jefferson Parish Arrest, Court, and Public Records

Crime Numbers

There were 31 murders and 92 rapes in Jefferson Parish in 2017, the most recent year with a complete set of crime data. Other incidences of violent crimes reported in the parish that year are 380 robberies and 1,032 aggravated assaults. Law enforcement agencies in the Parish also recorded 1,358 burglaries, 7,908 larceny thefts and 671 motor vehicle thefts.

Compared to the 2013 crime figures, Jefferson Parish saw fewer cases of these Part I crimes, except rape, in 2017. Rape rate went up by 37.3% mostly due to the expanded definition of the crime in the intervening years. The five-year crime trend for the parish shows that murder, robbery, and aggravated assault rates fell by 27.9%, 3.8%, and 12.2% respectively. Burglary rate shrank by 43.3% while larceny theft and motor vehicle theft rates were reduced by 16.6% and 15% respectively.

Criminal Records

Just like it does for the rest of the state, the Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information of the Louisiana State Police offers criminal background checks for Jefferson Parish. The public can quickly search the criminal history database of the agency by using the Internet Background Check tool on the website of the Louisiana State Police. Users must register with the website before using this tool.

The Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information also offers fingerprint-based criminal history checks for employers and medical boards in Louisiana. If you are an employer, bring or mail a completed General Disclosure form and a completed Authorization form to:

Louisiana State Police
Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information
P.O. Box 66614 (Mail Slip A-6)
Baton Rouge, LA 70896

In place of a General Disclosure form, state agencies and medical boards requesting criminal background checks need to submit the Rap Disclosure form.

The fee for each criminal history report is $26. The Bureau of Criminal Identification and Information accepts cashier's check, money order, and pre-printed business check for payment. Credit card is accepted for in-person payment made at the Louisiana State Police Headquarters.

The Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office provides local background checks through its Technical Service Bureau. To obtain a criminal history report from the Sheriff's Office, visit the Central Records Section located in Building A of the Westbank Administration Complex at 1223 Westbank Expressway, Harvey LA. The office opens to the public from Monday through Friday between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

The Central Records Section of the Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office also provides police reports upon request. It charges $25 for the first 5 pages of these reports. Each additional page costs $1 while mugshots cost $10 apiece. The fee for conducting a background check is $50. The Sheriff's Office charges $25 for fingerprinting on one card. Each additional fingerprint card costs $10.

To obtain a traffic accident crash report for Jefferson Parish, submit a request via LexisNexis if the accident occurred before July 1, 2015. Call (800) 489-0190*101 for additional assistance. If the crash occurred after July 1, 2015, purchase the report from BuyCrash.com. If you need further assistance, call (866) 495-4206.

All sex offenders in Jefferson County must register with the Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff sends information about registered sex offenders to a statewide database maintained by the Louisiana State Police. You can find registered offenders living in the parish by searching the Louisiana Sex Offender Registry. Make sure to select Jefferson Parish Sheriff's Office from the list of law enforcement agencies on the page. The Sheriff's Office also provides an Offender Watch page where the public can search for sex offenders and violent predators living in the parish. Use this resource to search for offenders by name, email address, and phone number. You can find those living in your area by searching with a zip code or street address.

The Sheriff's Office also runs the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center located at 100 Dolhonde Street, Gretna, LA. The contact phone number for the parish jail is (504) 368-5360. The public can look up individuals incarcerated in this facility by using the Inmate Search tool provided on the website of the Sheriff's Office.

Friends and family can fund inmates' accounts by depositing cash ($5, $10, $20, and $100 bills) in the kiosk in the Intake Booking Lobby of the Jefferson Parish Correctional Center. They may also call (866) 345-1884 to deposit money by credit and debit cards. The third option is sending money orders by mail to:

Jefferson Parish Correctional Center
100 Dolhonde Street
Gretna, LA 70053

Note that depositors must supply inmates' CCN numbers to fund their accounts using any of the methods described above.

Court Records

Jefferson Parish is home to the 24th Judicial District Court. Its courthouse is at 200 Derbigny Street, Gretna and its phone number is (504) 364-3998. To contact the commissioners of the court, call (504) 364-3927 for criminal cases and (504) 364-3745 for domestic cases.

The Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court maintains most of the records of the 24th Judicial District Court. Members of the public can search for court dockets from the website of the Clerk of Court. To obtain copies of records in the custody of the District Court, submit a request in writing to:

Michael T. O'Brien, Judicial Administrator

Twenty-Fourth Judicial District Court
Thomas F. Donelon Building Suite 2100
200 Derbigny Street
Gretna, LA 70053

For court records maintained by the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court, send a written request to:

Frank Borne, Chief Deputy Clerk
Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court
P.O. Box 10
Gretna, LA 70054-0010

Records in the custody of the Court are also available free of charge at the Twenty-Fourth Judicial District Court address above. Both the Court and Clerk of Court charge $1 per page and $2 per page for one-sided and two-sided copies of black-and-white letter size documents respectively. The equivalent fees for color documents are $3 and $6 respectively. There is a surcharge of $100 for every 100 pages copied.

There is also a Juvenile Court in Jefferson Parish. Its contact details are:

Jefferson Parish Juvenile Justice Complex
1546 Gretna Blvd,
P.O. Box 1900, Harvey, LA 70059
Phone: (504) 367-3500
Fax: (540) 361-8033

The records of the Juvenile Court are restricted and only available to the parties involved and their legal representatives. To make inquiries about obtaining your juvenile court records, call the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court's office at (504) 227-7816.

There are two Parish Courts in Jefferson Parish. These have limited jurisdiction and handles civil cases with claims up to $20,000 as well as misdemeanors and traffic and parish ordinance violations. Below are the addresses and contact information of these courts:

First Parish Court
924 David Drive, Metairie, LA 70003
Phone: (504) 736-8391 (Civil)
Phone: (504) 736-8910 (Criminal/Traffic)

Second Parish Court of Jefferson
100 Huey P. Long Avenue, Gretna, LA 70053
Phone: (504) 364-2932 (Civil)
Fax: (504) 364-2613 (Civil)
Phone: (504) 364-2929 (Criminal/Traffic)
Fax: (504) 364-3431 (Criminal/Traffic)

Visit or contact these courts to request their records. Jefferson Parish also has eight Justice of Peace Courts and six Mayor's Courts. Similarly, you should also contact these courts to request for their records. Below are their addresses and contact information:

1st Justice of the Peace Court
200 Derbigny Street, Gretna, LA 70056
Phone: (504) 364-2760

2nd Justice of the Peace Court
1887 Ames Blvd, Marrero, LA 70072
Phone: (504) 349-5407

3rd Justice of the Peace Court
2654 Jean Lafitte Blvd, Lafitte, LA 70067
Phone: (504) 689-2208

4th Justice of the Peace Court
P.O. Box 121, Grand Isle, LA 70308
Phone: (985) 278-1973
Phone: (985) 787-4767

5th Justice of the Peace Court
Joseph S. Yenni Building
1221 Elmwood Park Blvd, Suite 602, Harahan, LA 70123
Phone: (504) 736-8714
Fax: (504) 736-8719

6th Justice of the Peace Court
1803 Williams Blvd, Kenner, LA 70065
Phone: (504) 466-7984

7th Justice of the Peace Court
4008 US Hwy 90, Westwego, LA 70094
Phone: (504) 349-5416

8th Justice of the Peace Court
1903 Short Street, Kenner, LA 70065
Phone: (504) 461-0130

Grand Isle Mayor's Court
170 Ludwig Lane,
P.O. Box 200, Grand Isle, LA 70358
Phone: (985) 787-3196
Fax: (985) 787-3859

Gretna Mayor's Court
327 Huey P. Long Avenue, Gretna, LA 70053
Phone: (504) 227-7325

Harahan Mayor's Court
6437 Jefferson Hwy, Suite A, Harahan, LA 70123
Phone: (504) 737-5361
Fax: (504) 305-0806

Jean Lafitte Mayor's Court
2654 Jean Lafitte Blvd, Lafitte, LA 70067
Phone: (504) 689-2208
Fax: (504) 689-7801

Kenner Mayor's Court
1801 Williams Blvd, Building A, Kenner, LA 70062
Phone: (504) 468-7277

Westwego Mayor's Court
Westwego Court Complex
410 4th Street, Westwego, LA 70094
Phone: (504) 340-3968

Conducting a search is subject to our Terms of Service and Privacy Notice.

Vital Records

Records of divorces finalized in Jefferson Parish are available from the office of the Clerk of Court. Visit the offices of Chief Deputy Clerk and Judicial Administrator (listed above) to track down your divorce records.

The Marriage License Department of the Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court provides certified copies of marriage licenses. Request for this vital record by sending a completed Request for Certified Copies of Marriage License to:

Marriage License Department
Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court
P.O. Box 10
Gretna, LA 70054-0010

The fee for each certified copy of a marriage license is $10. Fee is payable with cash, check, or money order. Make your check or money order payable to Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court.

The Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court partners with the Louisiana Bureau of Vital Records to provide birth and death certificates for events that occurred in the parish. Requesters must visit one of three locations to obtain these records. These locations are:

First Parish Court
924 David Drive
Metairie LA 70003

Second Parish Court
100 Huey P. Long Avenue
Gretna, LA 70053

Juvenile Court
1546 Gretna Boulevard
Harvey, LA 70058

Bring along a completed application form, a valid ID, and the required fee. The Jefferson Parish Clerk of Court charges $34 for each birth certificate, $48 for a birth certificate and a birth card, and $26 for a death certificate. Fees are payable with cash, check, and money order.